How to unlock the runway on Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile is a video game that is based on Sims 4 and Sims Freeplay for the iOS and Android devices. While the Sims play they will be capable to move to higher levels and unlock the new ones.

You can reflect your style in Sims Mobile for you to rock the current fashion trends while you engage in certain events and other fun-filled activities you can get the latest collections on the runway like the checkered pants,
animal prints, trench coats like the imaginations of a street style star within your Sims world. There is also a new livelihood option.

The Sims can unlock ASOS clothes, walk the runway and engaged in several other activities. All that you require us to finish off with certain events in order to make your Sims ready and participate in the Fashion show.

Then you need to earn the tokens, which you can later spend on ASOS. You will also need to erect the camera skills of the Sims Mobile by unlocking the photography job career. Obtain a discount code for the You will avail of cool stickers for your fresh fashion outfits. Share your looks for others to see your style.

Earn Simoleons to construct a basic shelter to unlock the options.
In Sims 2 the teen Sim can run away from the household if the teen Sim has some negative relationship with the other members. When the teen Sims gets ready to leave, it will either run away from the walk. The runaway icon will occur, it is not going to affect the Sims school grades.

If the members of the household wants the Sim to return, they need to report the incident, If the report is delayed like after 24 hours of runaway, the chances of teen Sim returning will decrease. If you have an adopted son as a Sim and want him to run away, you can merge him with a different family if he has a friend or send him to the adoption center.

Modeling career details and sweet treat showdown

In this fashion update, the players will be able to unlock, the new apartment to create the utmost photography in which the prizes will include bookcase, a clothing rack, fashion magazines, leather sofa and many more. With the help of sweet treat showdown challenge, you will be able to unlock the grand prize which is a modeling career for the fashion studio.

Take the fashion enterprise by storm to start the Sims career. The Sim will be showing off its moves on the runway and will seek to work hard to become a supermodel. Based on the response, you will be able to make the modification.

The new quest is able to award extra royal treat tokens and sweet treat tokens. Once you have unlocked the fashion studio, you can become a fashion designer in the market where you can measure, sew wonderful clothes for your customers. You can even customize the studio.

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